We are passionate advocates of Performing Arts.

We believe in the power of Art to create a positive social transformation. Using Forum Theatre and other modern performance arts techniques, we have been successful in achieving tangible changes in attitudes and behavior in the communities where we work.

Working mainly with marginalized and disadvantaged members of the community, our team helps them to overcome personal challenges and through their performances, find their own voice to advocate for the changes they wish to see in their communities. Our performances, workshops and trainings allow marginalized members of society to present their issues through a powerful but non-threatening artistic medium, something that can be hard to achieve in a short period of time through conventional modes of social transformation.

We also partner with other like-minded organizations with the aim of empowering the marginalized to create their own solutions.

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The format of our performances is unique. It is a participatory format where the audience is not only provided an opportunity to interact with the cast, but can change the direction of the story towards the resolution they want. Through this exercise the audience sees the consequences of their actions changing the lives of people right before their eyes. This is often a watershed moment where people realize that they have the power to change another person’s life for the better. Our ultimate goal is that the audience takes this feeling of empowerment with them into their communities and continues to take the initiative in creating positive change

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We work across the entire country. From the Tsunami affected coastal areas to the war affected North & East and the tea plantations in the central hills, we work wherever our intervention is needed regardless of whether the beneficiaries are rural or urban communities.

Our work has no barriers of language or social group. We work in all local languages including English and we would love to share our experiences internationally and partner with likeminded individuals and organizations.

Our work covers a variety of thematic areas such as: Social Integration, Reconciliation and Peace, Gender, Child Protection, Household Violence, Trauma Prevention and Drama Therapy. Our expertise lies in tackling heavy social topics in a non-threatening and entertaining manner, challenging the preconceptions of our audience whilst not alienating them.

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Our donors and partners play a crucial role in our work. We work hand in hand with different organizations and people to create positive social change. Our unique format has been a key attraction for many organizations. This has resulted in a number of fruitful collaborations. Learn more about our projects

  • Strengthening Child Protection
  • They are Differently abled
  • Redefine Gender Equality
  • Forum against GBV Sri Lanka
Providing Social Change through innovation in Theatre and the Arts



Situated just a short distance away from the capital, our Arts center is a set in a quiet suburb surrounded by nature. This fully integrated center is equipped with facilities and infrastructure necessary to support our various activities. Besides housing our administrative offices, nearly an acre in extent, the center includes an open-air theatre, rehearsal space, audiovisual facilities, training venue and a resource center cum library. We also make our facilities available to other like-minded organizations working towards positive social change.


Our committed team, drawn from various communities and geographies, is our key strength behind our success. We are passionate about our work and believe in our ability to make what we do count.

Apart from our core team in Colombo, we continuously work to develop local theatre groups in different parts of the country. Our approach is to work with people from vulnerable communities and give them the training needed to create and perform pieces reflecting their own issues. Through this we empower them to become the voices of their own communities as well as catalysts for change.


Our work has introduced us to many interesting people and communities that have informed and influenced our work. We have learned a lot in our work spanning many different geographic and thematic areas. These collated findings could be invaluable to others who might be interested in working with these communities and issues. We are happy to share our knowledge with anyone who is interested in working towards positive social change.


We welcome opportunities to work with all organizations and individuals with a similar vision. Check out some of the organizations who have partnered with us on our journey.